AKESOFT La Cerdanya-X

Aeròdrom de La Cerdanya LECD


The stage is perfectly integrated into the environment.

Land area photo real + night. (50cm/pix) airport 25cm/pix

Custom Mesh 5m resolution.

Road traffic is added to the area.

Polygons of land, shooting and high resolution custom track

Custom vegetation.

Animation hangars.

Sound environment day (birds, dogs ...) and night (crickets) high quality (44.1Khz/16b)

Realistic lighting buildings.

Birds flying.

Includes Sanavastre people. (Head of the 07)

Ultra detailed.

Frame rate friendly!!

Also includes exclusive new airport of Lleida in version 2.0

La Cerdanya Aerodrome ICAO LECD (La Cerdanya Aerodrome officially in Catalan Aeròdrom of Cerdanya) is an airport in northeastern Spain, located in the municipalities of Das and Fontanals de Cerdanya, in the province of Gerona. It is an aerodrome category 2C. The airfield is owned jointly between the Catalan Government and the County Council of La Cerdanya and is dedicated to sport aviation.

The main companies operating at the aerodrome are the Aeroclub Barcelona-Sabadell, and Globus Heliswiss Pyrenees. It gliding practice and provides a basis for agricultural spraying tasks and aerial photography.

Between 2004 and 2009 the Government took various actions within the framework of the Plan of La Cerdanya Aerodrome, which consisted in extending the platform and new hangars, the incorporation of a weather station and a plant to supply aviation fuel.

The airfield has an area of 66.79 ha. It has an operational runway, the 07/25, plus another inoperative and has a beacon NDB. Turn has a helipad. Airport management is the responsibility of the UTE "Gestió Aeronautics Ceretana, SL", formed by the Aeroclub Barcelona-Sabadell and Helicopters CAT.

Source Wikipedia

Be part of Cerdanya-X pack includes exclusive Lleida-X V2, highly detailed, high definition, by its location and exquisite surroundings, will be for the enjoyment of visual and adventure flights in the area of the Pyrenees, connecting with Lleida scenario in the near future with that of La Seu d'Urgell.

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