AKESOFT Santander-X

Aeropuerto de Santander 


The scenery is perfectly integrated into the environment.

Ground poly with high resolution texture for rwy, taxi and apron

Ground poly100x100 Handmade.

Realistic lighting buildings.

Included industrial Raos Polygon.

Animated boats.

Ultra Detailed.

Frame rate friendly. 




Airport Codes: SDR LEXJ Type of airport; regional Location: Santander, Cantabria, Spain The current airport , built on marshland filled bay of Santander , was opened to traffic in 1977. Previously existed on the same site an aerodrome smaller built by battalions of workers ( prisoners of the Republican side of the War civil Spanish ) between 1947 and 1952 and opened the following year which replaced the hitherto located in Albericia , receiving commercial flights since 1949. Parayas the old airport received international ranking in 1957. After a three-year closure (from April 1974 to August 8, 1977 ) in which the airport underwent a major renovation that did significantly expand its facilities and had a cost of over 1,100 million pesetas , was reopened with a new track flight of 2,400 m in length that allowed both visual and instrument flight ; corresponded to the first flight DC-9 "Ciudad de Santander " Iberia covering the Barcelona- Santander -Santiago de Compostela route.


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