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San Sebastián Airport is a Spanish airport located 22 km from the city of San Sebastian, in the municipality of Hondarribia, Guipuzcoa, along the border between Spain and France.

History The airport was inaugurated on August 22, 1955 and was officially opened to air traffic national and international tourism on August 29, 1955. Aviaco The airline was the first to operate at the airport, from September 2, 1955. The track originally measured 1200 meters and its orientation was 05/23. This orientation required the aircraft to fly over French territory, which led to immediate protests on the part of this government. Moreover, the lack of airport facilities forced passenger terminal condition as a cannery nearby. In July 1957, the meeting between Spanish and French delegations allowed to reach a boundary agreement for airport operations. This agreement, which entered into force in June 1959, allowed to establish the aeronautical airport but imposed a ban on using the airport by jet aircraft. In July 1961, he completed the redevelopment of the track, which happens to be 1500 meters long from the 1200 original. Between 1964 and 1965, expanded aircraft parking was built control tower and airport officially received its current name (San Sebastián). In 1967 work began on the construction of the passenger terminal, which opened in 1968. In December 1969, the airport was closed for traffic to proceed to a new extension to the existing 1754 meters away.The March 18, 1992, Spain and France signed a new agreement. With it, abolished the ban on jet flights while limited the daily number of movements, outside night time hours, 12 MD-88 and 12 BAE-146.1

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